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April 4th, 2019, 09:32 AM
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Messages pile up in the CommitCRM outbox.

Restart the CommitCRM server service, and they start flowing again, maybe for a few hours, maybe for a day, but ultimately it will happen again...

There seems to be a bug and it can handle very low volume of outgoing messages, but if there is a larger volume it is incapable of self-healing and requires a service restart.

Your technical support tells my technician it is a problem with OUR mail server. However restarting the CommitCRM server service ALWAYS clears up the problem.

Our mail server is Exchange 2016 with the latest CU. Can we get to the bottom of the problem with the service? If doing nothing on OUR mail server, yet restarting the CommitCRM server service ALWAYS solves the problem, I'm having a difficult time following the logic that it is an issue with our mail server.
April 4th, 2019, 09:52 AM
CommitCRM Support
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Thank you for posting. Such errors are external, usually. The fact that restarting the service helps is great, however, a reason for this might be related to policies - like a limit set by the mail server / AV / Security system about how many email messages can a process, the service in this case, send. Changing such policies may help. We have customers that send hundreds or maybe thousands emails each days without facing this, though we did receive similar reports from ones sending a much lower number. Usually allowing the process to send more emails help. Also try to change the user that CommitCRM Server service runs under to Administrator, it may be considered more creditable and won't get blocked. We will also always be happy to review your log files to see if there's more to it, though the fact that restarting helps makes us doubt that there's an error logged there. We can have a look though. Hope this helps.

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