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June 24th, 2010, 03:53 AM
CommitCRM Support
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Welcome to the Online Services Sharing Center!

Starting with CommitCRM 5.4 you can easily share Online Services in this forum.

In a nutshell
Each Online Service in CommitCRM can be exported to a file, and uploaded to this community sharing forum.
Use this forum to upload your Online Service to benefit the community and to download Online Services (uploaded by other members) and import them into your CommitCRM application.

By sharing your work youíll help other members, and youíll enjoy other members work.
This can save you tremendous amount of time as you can take advantage of a lot of work already invested by other users creating Online Services which may be very well-suited for your needs. All Online Services can then be further adjusted like any other Online Service, to fit your specific requirements.

How it Works?
Each thread in this forum should represent and refer to a single shared Online Service. Other members can provide their feedback by posting a reply to the thread

To share and upload an Online Service:
  1. In CommitCRM application, go to Settings > Online Services.
  2. Choose the Online Service you want to share, click the Export icon from the toolbar, and then choose the file name to export.
  3. Login to this forum (if you do not have a forum user click here to register Ė itís free!)
  4. Create a new thread for each Online Service you want to share.
  5. Provide some details about the Online Service and how it should be used. This is important for other members to be able to tell if this is what they are looking for. Enter the following details for each Online Service:
    1. Online Service name and type (Accounts, Tickets, Opportunity Contracts, etc.).
    2. How it works and usage examples.
  6. To upload the Online Service scroll down while editing the new thread post, and under Additional Options, click Manage Attachments. Upload the file you exported from CommitCRM and post the new thread.

To import an Online Service:
  1. Login to the forum.
  2. Browse the different shared Online Services and find the Online Service you want to use.
  3. Click the compressed zip file link attached to the thread to download the Online Service and save it to your computer.
  4. In CommitCRM, go to Settings > Online Services, click Import on the toolbar and choose the file you have just downloaded.

Important notes:
  1. This is a community forum. The files are not monitored or tested by the CommitCRM team.
  2. For troubleshooting with specific imported Online Services post your comments and questions under relevant shared Online Service thread.
  3. The shared file is a compressed zip file. For security reasons never manually extract the files included in the downloaded file and execute them manually.

No actual data or personal information from your database (like your name or company name) is revealed when sharing Online Services with your peers. Only the Online Service customizations are exported.

>> Read more about Online Services.

Thank you!

The CommitCRM Team
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