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CommitCRM reports can be customized in two ways:

  1. Add your own header - You can set/modify a textual header (with your company name, etc.) for all reports at once by selecting Tools > Options > Reports tab > click on Edit Header.
  2. Designing reports data and layout
    • To customize CommitCRM reports, open the Reports window, select the report you want to customize, select Copy from the toolbar and enter your new report name. The copied report will be selected. Select the Design button from the toolbar, and the report designer will open.
    • To add a new data field to a custom report, select a DBText button from the report designer toolbar and place it where desired in the report layout. With the newly created field selected, select the appropriate Data Field from the drop down list on the toolbar, which is located on the upper-left corner. If you want to add a Title, select the Label button from the toolbar, place it on the report and write the title in the text area on the windows toolbar, which is located on the upper-left corner as well.
    • To view your customized reports, click the Custom Reports radio button on the Reports window.

Make sure to watch the CommitCRM Report Designer Tutorial which will guide you through a basic report design process and show you how you can change the report layout and add new fields to the report.

For more information; see the Report Designer User Guide.

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